Alessandro Amella

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About Me

Computer Science student at the University of Bologna, currently in Erasmus at Brno University of Technology, developer, 20 years old, living in Modena

I started programming when I was 9 years old and since then I have never stopped exploring computer science in all its branches.

Studying mainly as a self-taught student, I continued my studies in computer science and telecommunications at ITIS Fermi in Modena, graduating with 98/100.

I am currently studying at Alma Mater, and I am aiming for a master's degree in AI (somewhere).

Other interests of mine:

  • Radio and telecommunications: diploma in telecom. and ham radio operator
  • Electronics and microcontrollers.
  • Public transport and urban planning.
  • Photography, video editing and music mixing (DJing).
  • Video games and game development.
  1. System Administrator

    System administrator at Infolog S.r.l. in Modena, where I worked with the development team to create a web application for warehouse management.

  2. Software Developer

    Internship at the public transport company SETA S.p.A. in Modena, where I developed the software for generating audio files for announcements on buses. I also performed data analysis to train a machine learning model for passenger counting.

  3. Web Developer

    Design and development of advanced software solutions, including microservice systems for IoT, cost analysis software, mobile and web applications.

Some of my projects

These are just some of the projects I have worked on, many more are on GitHub.

iPhone overlay

Fully automated rental ad collector from various websites with AI (OpenAI) parsing structured as microservices.

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Let's keep in touch

For commissions, collaborations or just to chat, you can contact me through the following form (or the channels at the bottom right).

I am open to:

Web, software and app development

Development of websites, web applications and custom software.

IT consulting

Consulting on IT problems, choice of technologies and solutions.


Any other information or request.